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Eagle Nebula - This image was taken on May 15th, 2010, at a location
called Griffin Ranch, north of Globe, AZ.

Total Lunar Eclipse, Feb 20th, 2008 - Taken from Lake Worth, FL

Jupiter and two of its moons, Sept. 24th, 2010 - Taken from Chandler, AZ


I started astro-imaging in 2007, when I purchased my first "real" telescope, a 10" Meade LX90.

Initially, I did lunar and planetary imaging using a Philips webcam, and my interest and enthusiasm has been growing exponentially ever since! I've been dabbling in modified DSLR astrophotography, and have recently purchased my first dedicated astro-cam, an ST-8300C for use on my Vixen ED103 refractor and SXD mount.

To fill the evenings time gap when the camera and computer are doing most of the work, I busy myself taking time-lapse movies using my Canon 40D and 20D. I've found this is a fun and cool way to capture the atmosphere of the evening, and to help convey the experience.

These pages share some of my best (and not so) images and time-lapses that I've produced over the last few years, and hopefully for many years to come as I climb the learning curve.

Check back from time-to-time, as I plan to constantly update!

I plan to add many more of my past images and movies, as well as new ones as I take them.


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