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New Mexico Observatory
Welcome to Seeing Stars Observatory

Here's my present equipment list, images to follow

- Meade 10" LX90 SCT
- Vixen ED103 Refractor and Focal Reducer with 2.5" Moonlite Focuser
- Vixen Sphinx SXD Deluxe Equitorial Mount
- ST-8300C Astro-Cam
- Modified Canon 20D DSLR (mainly for time lapses)
- Un-modified Canon 40D DSLR (mainly for time lapses and stills)
- Orion ST-80 (for guiding)
- Meade DSI I pro (for guiding)
- Philips SPC900NC webcam with nose-piece
- Imaging Source DFK 31AU03 USB CCD Color (1024x768 x 1/3", 30FPS)
- Orion X-Y Guidestar Find (this thing is awesome!)
- All the TeleVue Powermates (1-1/4" 2.5X and 5X, 2" 2X and 4X
- Orion Paragon-Plus Tripod with Micro Adjuster and Binocular Mount
- Orion Giant View 20x80 Astronomy Binoculars

- 15' x 15' Remote Capable Observatory (under construction)
Update 7/10/2011
Just returned from Rancho Hidalgo after three weekends of painting (exterior and interior)! The interior electrical wiring, HVAC duct work  and drywalling are done. Just found out the well should be going in this week (fingers crossed), and the main electrical and cable shortly after. Plan to return this week and do some millwork on door casings, and maybe to bathroom floor tiling.(Click on images below to see full-size, some are panoramas).
View looking south

View looking west.
Observatory Pics

Some Progress (5/18/12 - 5/21/12)

Worked on my observatory for a few days and did a few nights of imaging. Then went with Gene Turner of Rancho Hidalgo to MRO (Magdalena Rige Observatory) for the solar eclipse on Sunday, May 20th. Toured the 2.4M scope and Interferometer. This was my first visit to a major observatory, and first solar eclipse!

Below is a shot of part of  my observatories 480sq foot living area (kitchen in this shot), followed by some renderings of what I hope it will look like in the near future.

Kitchen Area rendering

Looking from kitchen toward entertainment area and bathroom (rendering)

Bedroom Rendering with Laundry Closet.

Exterior Rendering, hope to add a deck someday to watch the sunset over the Chiricahua Mountains from!
First Light !! Kinda (8/27/11)

Took my first images from my New Mexico observatory last month.

Power is coming shortly, so I rolled off the roof by hand and ran battery powered all night.

Was a perfectly clear night, and very enjoyable. Hopefully many more to come!

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