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The two Jupiter images below, were taken during a double moon transient. The two moons to the right of Jupiter were Ganymede and Europa, which are casting their shadows on Jupiters surface. The moon to the left of Jupiter in the lower image, is Io, which was passing behind Jupiter, as the GRS made it's appearance. 

Some of my better early planetary images using my LX90 and SPC900 Philips webcam. (Top left) is Mars approaching and
receding from opposition on Christmas Eve, 2007. (Top Right) Venus early evening. (Bottom Left) Saturn, and
(Bottom Right) Jupiter mosaic with three of its Jovian moons (left to right: Io, Ganymede and Europa).
In December 2009, I bought a Imaging Source 1024x768 color camera for doing my planetary imaging. My use of it has
been limited, but have managed to get some decent shots of Mars and Jupiter. (Below)
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