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These movies are a composite of time-lapses, DSLR stills and deep-sky images. They were combined using Pinnacle Studio 14 HD.
Time Lapse, Footage from Griffen Ranch, North of Globe,AZ  - May 15th and Sept. 11th, 2010...

My first time lapse movie. Footage from Griffen Ranch, North of Globe,AZ  - May 15th, 2010...

Picket Post MilkyWay Rise, was shot on June 5, 2010


Milky Way Time Lapse,
The Milky Way Rises like the mythical bird, the Phoenix,
 out of the light pollution of, uh, Phoenix, AZ.
Time Lapse taken on 4/1/11 at the 2011 Messier Marathon,
 90 miles west of Phoenix, AZ at the Antenna Site. 

This is a short movie made during a visit to Truckee, CA, north of Lake Tahoe. The condo we were at on a mountain top had fairly dark skies, so I captured the moonset (thats the fade from white at the intro), the Milky Way rising, as well as M16 and M17 (Eagle and Swan Nebula). 

Due to file size limitations, I cannot upload the HD version of this Video. Below are links to some short individual sequences in HD,

M42 Zoom (HD 1920x1080)

Orion Constellation Rising Time Lapse (HD 1920x1080)

M1 Zoom (HD 1920x1080)

M45 Zoom (HD 1920 x 1080)
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